Mrs Tee
Meet Mrs Tee
Born in Friedrichshafen, Germany, Mrs Tee became interested in mushrooms while living in the countryside with her grandparents during the war years. After leaving school she gained a diploma in Hotel and Catering and in 1962 she got a job with Pan Am as an air stewardess – a very glamorous and well paid job in those days.

Following the birth of her children, Mrs Tee settled in the UK in Hampshire and in 1973 sold her first mushrooms to the owner of the Chewton Glen, later supplying other hotels and restaurants in the area.

She then decided to venture further afield, searching for a group of large hotels accessible via the London Underground. There were four hotels rather conveniently grouped together - The Intercontinental, The Hilton, Dorchester and the Inn on the Park.

The chef at the Intercontinental was Peter Kronberg who promised to buy Mrs Tee’s mushrooms as they had lived not far from each other in Germany. The same thing happened with Anton Mosiman who came from Switzerland. Peter Kronberg recommended Mrs Tee to Michel Bourdin at the Connaught, then to Mr Lesnik at Claridges and Albert Roux of Gavroche. The company started to grow on merit and reputation.

In 1992 Mrs Tee's husband suggested she make the business year round by importing from other countries when the UK season was quieter. They received their first order from Leiths QE2 for 130Kg of mushrooms to go to Edinburgh for the World Conference.

During this time Mrs Tee was a Food Hero of Rick Stein and received a more than honorary mention in the introduction to The Star Chef’s Cook Book by Richard Bramble. On one memorable day a telephone call was received from Buckingham Palace to make arrangements for their chefs to attend a mushroom seminar with Mrs Tee.

Mrs Tee made the following mushrooms popular in England

Wild Oyster mushrooms – May to October
St Georges – Middle of March for 2-3 months
Chicken of the Wood – End of April – October
Hen of the Wood – October – November
Sparassis Crispa
Beefsteak fungus
Bay Boletes
Honey Fungus

Except for St Georges, they cannot be imported.

Widely acknowledged as the world’s foremost authority on edible wild mushrooms, Mrs Tee has been supplying wild and cultivated fungi for more than 40 years. Backed by unrivalled knowledge and expertise, Mrs Tee is the only licence holder entitled to pick and sell the many diverse wild mushrooms that grow in the New Forest where she is based, offering quality, seasonal produce including the highly regarded and sought-after New Forest Cep.